C7s series compensation racks provide fast and effective solutions in the installation, maintenance, and system development processes thanks to their moduları design that can be designed according to the required power value.

In C7s series compensation racks, harmonic filter reactors have been serial connected before the capacitor units, in order to protect the capacitor units against dangerous harmonic current flows and voltage harmonics and to eliminate the possible parallel resonance effects of the compensation system.

C7s series compensation racks, semi-conductor power electronicsbased static contactor switching (thyristor switching); which can respond to quick load changes much faster than mechanical contactors is used. Thyristor switching modules provides real time switching and fast response instantly

C7s Series Compensation Rack Units | Advantages

The main advantages of C7s Series Compensation Rack Units are listed below:

  • Labor and time-saving thanks to fast and easy installation
  • Fast production and fast procurement
  • Safe design against touch and electric shock
  • Easy maintenance and service by opening only the front cover
  • Low maintenance and service costs
  • No additional material is required for mounting
  • Ability to simultaneously responding to quick load changes thanks to static electronic switching
  • The design providing a longer lifetime in all equipment and system thanks to its harmonic filter reactors.

C7s Series Compensation Rack Units | Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications of C7s Series Compensation Rack Units are listed below:

  • Voltage : 380 ... 960 V
  • Frequency : 50 / 60 Hz
  • Resonance Frequency : 134 ... 215 Hz
  • Switching : Thyristor
Network Voltage Net Power (kVAr) Product Code Weight
50 Hz 60 Hz
400/415 Volt 3,12 3,75 C7s 40003 17
400/415 Volt 6,25 7,5 C7s 40006 19
400/415 Volt 12,5 15 C7s 40012 27
400/415 Volt 25 30 C7s 40025 36
400/415 Volt 50 60 C7s 40050 52
400/415 Volt 75 90 C7s 40075 8
Type Size Download Link
Power Quality Catalog PDF 1 MB Download
RAIL - Traction Power PDF 1 MB Download