The main advantages of Asset CT-1/x Toroidal Earth Leakage Transformer are listed below:

  • Fixed or split-core models
  • Solution for wide cable section
  • Test coil
Earth leakage current occurs because of network faults, damaged equipment or sometimes the working principle of the equipment produces the leakages. These leakages are detected by vector summation of all phase currents and neutral current. Earth leakage relays like as RCR series are used to prevent these leakages harm anybody or damage anything. The purpose in here is to measure and limit the earth leakage value. When the limit exceeded, relay disconnects energy by controlling the circuit breaker or contactor before the fault causes any damage. The proper CT-1 or CTA-1 series toroidal current transformer chosen according to the size of cable/bus bar are connected. Generally, CT series rigid toroidal current transformer is also used when the cable system is being established or the system is not in operation. CTA series toroidal current transformers are split-core (able to open) transformers and can be used easily when the system is working without any interruption of energy. This give opportunity to save time and money. There are two coils on Toroidal current transformer. First one measure the earth leakage values and the other one is used for test purposes with RCR series earth leakage relays. The relay and transformer can be tested and checked against any malfunction.

CT-1/x Toroidal Earth Leakage Transformer | Technical Features

The technical specifications of CT-1/x Toroidal Earth Leakage Transformer are listed below:
  • Compatible working with RCR-1 series relays
  • -10°C … +70°C operation temperature range
  • 500/1 Coil ratio
  • 2.5 kV 1 minute insulation level
  • IP20 protection level

CT-1/x Toroidal Earth Leakage Transformer | Models and Options

Measurement Transformer Size Split-Core Minimum Measurement Current Operation Temperature Coil Ratio
CT-1/35 35mm No 25mA -10°C … +70°C 500/1
CT-1/60 60mm No 25mA -10°C … +70°C 500/1
CT-1/80 80mm No 100mA -10°C … +70°C 500/1
CT-1/110 110mm No 250mA -10°C … +70°C 500/1
CTA-1/110 110mm Yes 250mA -10°C … +70°C 500/1
CT-1/160 160mm No 250mA -10°C … +70°C 500/1
CTA-1/160 160mm Yes 500mA -10°C … +70°C 500/1
CT-1/210 210mm No 250mA -10°C … +70°C 500/1
CTA-1/210 210mm Yes 500mA -10°C … +70°C 500/1
CT-1/415 415mm No 500mA -10°C … +70°C 500/1
For larger size, CT-1S summation current transformers can be used.
Type Size Download Link
General Catalog PDF 1 MB Download
Earth Leakage Relays Catalog PDF 1 MB Download

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