Product of Iskraemeco

The main advantages of Iskraemeco ME172 Monophase Energy Meter are as described below:

  • RS485 Communication
  • Main parameter measurements like voltage, current and frequency
  • Long life structure
  • Loss and Leakage detection
  • Low power consumption


Iskraemeco ME172 Monophase Energy Meter | Aktif Engineering Company

All kind of solutions can be provided for shopping malls, apartments and residences with Iskraemeco ME172 Monophase Energy Meter. Through its communication port, ME172 series Monophase Energy Meter can easily be used in AMR systems. Meter measures energy consumptions in three tariffs. Measured value can be read over its optical port locally and over RS485 port remotely. Communication protocol of the Single Phase Energy Meter is the common protocol IEC 62056-21 and it is possible to set its baud rate to fixed speed for compliance with AMR systems that uses GPRS. It is a two energy flow direction measurement device (import/export) of active energy with sensitivity of class 1.0, whereby it can be used in renewable energy systems. As well as energy measurements it is possible to read the main parameters like current and voltage with high level software like Actwin Smart program. Iskraemeco ME172 Monophase Energy Meter can be connected to loads up to 100 A which is more than enough for almost all monophase consumers. It is suitable for use indoor and outside with its protection class of IP54. Iskraemeco ME172 Monophase Energy Meter is equipped with many protection systems and algorithms to prevent the fraud. One of the most important protection is detection of external magnetic field. When an external magnet is applied to affect the meter detects and stores the event in event log. Likewise, it has sensors for terminal and main cover removal. Iskraemeco Single Phase Energy Meter also create event logs and records for device failures, resets, parameter changes, grid voltage faults are occurred.
Technical specifications and parameters of the Iskraemeco Single Phase Energy Meter are described below:

Iskraemeco ME172 Monophase Energy Meter | Parameters

Measurable parameters for Single Phase Energy Meter are as below:
  • Energy and maximum demand measurement in four tariffs
  • Instantaneous current and voltage measurement
  • Instantaneous power and power factor measurement
  • Frequency measurement
  • Store consumption billing values per month up to 12 months
  • More than a year of load profile.

Iskraemeco ME172 Monophase Energy Meter | Technical specifications

  • Cl 1 measurement precision
  • 1x230 V, 50-60 Hz
  • 5(100) A current input
  • RS485 communication output
  • IP54 protection class
  • Dimensions, 205x130x44 mm
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