The main advantages of MS Series Capacitor Banks are described below:

  • It helps us in installation and maintenance period thanks to modular design of racks which are in it.
  • It has strength 1.18 x Vn over voltage and 1.50 x In over current thanks to Asset VCB series capacitors.
  • 5 compensation racks can be put into panel easily thanks to its efficient cooling system. Its power level can be raised up to 500 kVAr.
  • Compensation racks have harmonic filter reactor which protects capacitors against to harmonics.
According to general electrical characteristic of MS Series Capacitor Banks, if frequency increases, impedance will decreases. Different type of electronic devices and semi-conductor equipments create harmonic current and also harmonic voltage. These harmonics choose a way which has less impedance. To sum up, all harmonic currents flow to capacitors after that over current and over voltage affect capacitor very badly. MS Series Capacitor Banks are designed for limiting harmonics and eliminating the parallel resonance risk. MS Series Capacitor Banks with harmonic filter reactors provide long life and more safety switching equipment in all plant by the using of high quality equipments. MS Series Capacitor Banks consist of Asset R7 series compensation racks and high technology digital reactive power control relays. MS Series Capacitor Banks provide to end users different power level variations thanks to its racks which have modular design. That modular design serves us very fast and effective solutions in installation, maintenance and system development period. MS Series Capacitor Banks start up and cutout the capacitor banks softly and instantly thanks to high technology digital reactive power control relays. Relay determines to start up or cutout capacitors according to measurements of voltage and current data. This operation is happened on contactors without any harm. MS Series Capacitor Banks thanks to harmonic filters, operate perfectly and continuously with its withstand values %18 over voltage and %50 over current. Inrush current limiting characteristics of MS series capacitor banks help to network to not increase the inrush when capacitor units switched on. Production and test periods of MS panels appropriate to international IEC standards. Racks do not need to additional materials. Racks are sent to end users when its all connections are ready to energize.

MS Series Capacitor Banks | Processing Logic

MS Series Capacitor Banks operate as described below:
  • Auto c/k selection and power level determination
  • According to power requirement start up and cut out
  • It uses all levels statically
  • cosφ  settings for network and generator separately
  • Auto and manual operating modes

MS Series Capacitor Banks | Technical Specifications

Technical specifications of MS Series Capacitor Banks are listed below:
  • Nominal Voltage : 440 V
  • Nominal Frequency : 50/60 Hz
  • Resonance Frequency : 189 Hz, 210 Hz, 215 Hz (and optional other frequencies)
  • Over Voltage : 520 V
  • Over Voltage : 1.18 Un
  • Over Current : 1.5 In
  • Environment Temperature : -10 … +45 °C
  • Storage Temperature : 30 … +60 °C
  • Color : RAL 7035 / RAL 9003
  • Monitoring : Power levels, Voltage, Current, cosφ, Active Power, Reactive Power
  • Response Time : 1 - 60 seconds
  • Output : General alarm output
  • Protection Class : IP 41 (Optional IP 54)
  • Carcass / Door Thickness: 2.5 mm / 1.5 mm
  • Type of Plate : A1 Quality, DKP, Stainless, Galvanized
  • Standards : EN 60439-1, IEC 60439-1,2
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