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The main advantages of Iskraemeco MT880m Modular Industrial Energy Meter are listed below:

  • RS485, RS232, CS, GPRS, 3G, Modbus-RTU, Modbus-TCP/IP, Ethernet communication alternatives with its modular communication structure
  • 5 input that can be increased up to 8 input with its modular input/output structure
  • Reactive measurement in 4 quadrants
  • Measurement of main parameter as voltage, current, frequency
  • Harmonic analyzing up to 31th harmonic parameter
MT880m is industrial smart meter used in high precision measurement required points like industrial zones and energy distribution and transmission facilities, as well as makes power quality analyzing. Energy quality parameters like voltage and current of the phase, frequency, phase angles, voltage interruptions, sags and swells, harmonic analyze up to 31th can be measured. One of the biggest feature of the smart meter is it has a modular structure. With this structure, smart meter will answer all current and future needs of the facility. The modular communication port on the Iskraemeco MT880m Modular Industrial Energy Meter helps it fit with different types of automation systems with its 3G, Ethernet, Modbus-RTU, Modbus-TCP/IP support. 5 input, 8 output and relay output can be obtained by adding input/output module to the meter and solutions for most automation applications can be achieved. Suitable for use of renewable energy (solar, wind etc.) and cogeneration systems, two way import/export energy and four quadrants energy measurement. Modular Industrial Smart Meter records the energy and maximum demand values in two way as energy import and energy export directions. With its lots of detection parameter features like current without voltage, over current, reverse current, wrong phase sequence, missing phase current/voltage, minimum/maximum current and voltages, power failures and details, low power factor etc. smart meter will detect loss and illegal use when occurred and helps to prevent leakage of energy. Events in the smart meter recorded in different event log books. Energy quality, loss and leakage consumption, communication, and power failures have different records. In addition, energy and power parameters which are defined as load profiles which are recorded as in time interval records. There can be kept 32 independent parameters in load profile. There are built-in optical and RS485/232 interface communication ports on the smart meter. The protocol of the optical interface is IEC 62056-21 and protocol of the RS485/232 can be selected either as DLMS/Cosem or IEC 62056-21
The technical specifications and the parameters of Iskraemeco MT880m Modular Industrial Energy Meter are listed below:

Iskraemeco MT880m Modular Industrial Energy Meter | The Parameters

Measurement parameters for MT880m as below:
  • Active energy Import/Export, reactive energy and maximum demand measurement in four quadrants
  • Instant, average, minimum, maximum total and current per phase
  • Instant, average, minimum, maximum voltage per phase
  • Power factor, frequency, phase angles
  • Harmonic analyze up to 31th parameter and THD
  • Sag and Swell according to EN50160 standard

Modular Industrial Smart Meter | Technical Specifications

Technical Features of Iskraemeco MT880m Modular Industrial Energy Meter:
  • IEC 62053-22 Cl 0.5s or EN 50470-3 MID Class C measurement precision
  • Appropriate both Low Voltage and Middle Voltage systems with wide voltage connection interval of 3x57.7/100 V … 3x240/415 V, 50-60 Hz
  • X/1, X/5 current transformer and 10(120) A direct connection
  • Optical, RS485 and RS232 communication output
  • IP54 protection class

Iskraemeco MT880m Modular Industrial Energy Meter | Communication

Meter has an internal RS485 and extra modules described below can be also mounted.
No Swecond RS485 CS 2G (GPRS) 3G Modbus-RTU Modbus-TCP Ethernet Analog Output

MT880m Smart Meter Modules| Input/Output

Type Optomos Output 5A Relay Digital Input
Type 1 3 pieces 1 piece
Type 2 5 pieces 1 piece 5 pieces
Type 3 8 pieces 1 piece 5 pieces
Type Size Download Link
General Catalog PDF 1 MB Download
AMR & Billing Catalog PDF 1 MB Download
MT880m Brochure PDF 1 MB Download

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