The main advantages of Asset NQM Power Analyzer are listed below:

  • Displaying current and voltage wave form
  • Grid/generator and time based tariffs
  • Measurement frequency between 30-500 Hz
NQM Power Analyzer - Modbus-RTU is as well as recording the basic parameters of voltage, current, reactive, apparent power; it can record also the harmonic parameters and consumption with time-of-use structure. Measured parameters can be read from graphical LCD display of the device. Wave form of three phase, vector diagram voltage and current, harmonic distortion parameters can be viewed over 128x128 graphical LCD display as a column graphic. Network Analyzer - Modbus-RTU ensures data sharing with other equipment like PLC over the digital inputs/output and analog outputs of the analyzer. Similarly, Ethernet, RS485, Profibus communication ports supports to adaptation on automation systems. In NQM series grid analyzer, there is an internal memory which can be increased up to 1 Mb to make measurement sampling. You will have no data loss thanks to this memory if any error occurred on data communication with automation system. User friendly front panel of Network Analyzer - Modbus-RTU provides the ease of use. Front panel has an IP52 protection class which is designed according to EN60529 standard. NQM550 has a dimensions of 96x96 mm width and length, NQM750 has a dimensions of 144x144 mm width and length.

NQM Power Analyzer | Technical Features

The technical specifications and the parameters of Network Analyzer - Modbus-RTU are listed below:

NQM Power Analyzer | The Parameters

Although the parameters vary from model, measurable parameters are as follows:
  • V (L-L), V (L-N) for each phase
  • Current, average and maximum currents for each phase
  • Average and maximum current for neutral line
  • Active, reactive and apparent power
  • Import/Export active and inductive/capacitive reactive energy
  • Power factor,  cos(φ)
  • Frequency
  • Harmonic parameters up to 31th and THD

NQM Power Analyzer | Thechnical Specifications

Technical Features of Network Analyzer - Modbus-RTU are:
  • Lower then 0.25% error tolerance for current and voltage according to EN60687 standard.
  • Lower then 0.5% error  tolerance for energy according to EN60687 standard.
  • Auxiliary supply 85-265 Vac/dc, (optional 20-60 Vac/dc)
  • 3x500 V, X/5 A, 40-100 Hz measurement input
  • IP52 protection class
  • 144x144 mm in NQM750 model, 96x96 mm in NQM550 model panel type
  • Additional analog output (maximum 4)
  • Standard and additional digital input and outputs (maximum 6 input, 4 output)
  • Standard RS232 and RS485 communication output
  • Additional Profibus, second RS485 and Ethernet communication outputs

NQM Power Analyzer | Multimeter Models and Options

Installation Supply Communication Harmonic Measurement Digital Input Digital Output Analog Output
NQM550 96x96mm 85-265Vac 20-60 Vdc (optional) Modbus-RTU Profibus (optional) Modbus-TCP (optional) Current and voltage separately up to Total harmonic measurement up to 2 4 (optional) 2 4 (optional) 1 (optional) 3 (optional)
NQM750 144x144mm 85-265Vac 20-60 Vdc (optional) Modbus-RTU Profibus (optional) Modbus-TCP (optional) Current and voltage separately up to Total harmonic measurement up to 2 6 (optional) 2 4 (optional) 2 4 (optional)
Type Size Download Link
General Catalog PDF 1 MB Download
NQM Modbus Table PDF 1 MB Download

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