Asset NDM50 Series Prepayment Rail Mounted Submeters

Prepayment Rail Mounted Submeters‘ built-in relay, the meter can be controlled remotely to turn on or off the electricity supply via RS485. The users can also set alarm objects and alarm levels. Once the alarm is activated, the relay will be turned off.

The 100A direct input version eliminates the hassle of connecting an external current transformer up to 100A, making the unit cost-effective and easy to use. Thanks to the Prepayment Function, they provide cost savings in the system.

Thanks to the built-in breaker on the NDM50-D (100A Direct Connection) version, it can control the system without the need for an extra circuit breaker module. By the relay output on NDM50-CT (Current Transformer) version, you can open your circuit breaker mechanically with the opening coil in your system.

Using our Prepayment Submeters, you can load credit into your system without any necessity to go next to the meter with bank integration. You can guarantee your collections with either prepaid or invoicing options.

Prepayment Rail Mounted Submeters measures and displays active energy (kWh), current (A), voltage (V), frequency (Hz), power factor (PF), power demand, import and export energy, etc. all important electrical parameters. By using Actwin Smart Energy Management software, the electricity parameters measured on the meter can be transferred to the reporting and system analysis tables. In addition, these tables can be customized according to user requirements.


Prepayment Rail Mounted Submeters has a prepaid function that is suitable for shopping malls, residences, holiday complexes, timeshares. NDM50-D (100A Direct Connection) support Max. 100A direct connection, saving the cost and avoiding the trouble of connecting external current transformer, making the unit cost-effective and easy to operate.

We Aktif Mühendislik Dış Tic. A.Ş. declare under our sole responsibility as the manufacturer that the polyphase multifunction electrical meter “NDM50 series” correspond to the production model described in the EU-type examination certificate and to the requirements of the Directive 2014/32/EU EU type-examination certificate number 0120/SGS0439. Identification number of the NB0120.

Asset NDM50 Series Prepayment Rail Mounted Submeters Specifications

  • Measures and displays parameters; active energy (kWh), current (A), voltage (V), frequency (Hz), power factor (PF), power demand, import and export energy, etc.
  • Password protection
  • 3x230/400V AC - 0,25-5(100)A and 3x230/400V AC - 0,25-5(6)A
  • 50/60 Hz
  • IEC 62056-22 Cl.0,5s, EN 50470-1/3 Class C accuracy
  • Built-in circuit breaker on direct connected meters. Relay output to control contactor or circuit breaker on CT-operated meters.
  • IP51 (Indoor)

Asset NDM50 Series Prepayment Rail Mounted Submeters Technical Features

Technical Parameters

Rated Voltage 3x230/400V AC
Operating Voltage Range 80-120%
Basic Current 5A
Max. Current 100A
Frequency 50/60Hz
AC voltage withstand 4KV/1min
Impulse Voltage Withstand 6kV-1.2μS waveform
Power Consumption ≤ 2W / 10VA
Pulse Output Rate 1000imp/kWh(Default)
Display LCD with White Backlit
Max. Reading 999999.99 kWh

Measurement Accuracy

Voltage(V) 0,50%
Current(A) 0,50%
Frequency(Hz) 0,10%
Power Factor(PF) 1%
Active Power(W) 0,50%
Reactive Power(VAr) 1%
Apparent power(VA) 0,50%
Active Energy(kWh) IEC 62056-22 Class: 0,5s,
EN 50470-1/3 Class:C
Reactive Energy(kVArh) Class:2

Performance Standard

Relative Humidity 95%
Operating Temperature -25℃~+55℃
Storage Temperature -40℃~+70℃
Protection against Penetration
of Dust and Water
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