Primary Current Injection Tester, It is used in temperature rise or similar load tests of distribution systems such as LV busbar, MV busbar, LV distribution panel, testing of current carrying capacity of switchgear materials, performance tests of industrial electrical devices and many applications that require high current.

The test sample of Primary Current Injection Tester is usually LV Busbar, MV Busbar, LV distribution board, switch, fuse, contactor etc. systems with very low impedance.

In Primary Current Injection Tester, short-time impulse current withstand test, temperature rise test, electrical life test, overload performance test, short-circuit breaking capacity test or similar loading tests, the declared rated current is provided to flow through the test sample and in this way, it tests the test sample. It has the ability to inject current with the same sensitivity to the test sample from the smallest current level to the highest current level.

The maximum capacity of the Primary Current Injection Tester is 10000 A 180 kVA. The maximum current of the product is taken from 4 different outputs and in order to achieve the same level sensitivity at each output, the outputs are designed to be maximum 2500 A. Outputs of Primary Current Injection Tester can be configured according to desired current and voltage values by connecting serial and/or parallel. It can be designed together with the power supply when it is requested not to be affected by the fluctuations in the mains voltage or to perform experiments at different frequencies. Even in the case of using the power supply, the test current is produced in the form of pure sinuses specified in the standards.

Usage Areas

LV busbar, MV busbar, LV distribution panel etc. Primary Current Injection Testers is used in temperature rise or similar load tests of distribution systems, in factories producing industrial electrical devices, in test laboratories of companies producing motors and in many other applications requiring high current.


  • Current and voltage values can be configured according to the characteristics of the load by connecting the Primary Current Injection Tester outputs in series and/or parallel.
  • If requested, it is not affected by mains fluctuations thanks to the power supply in the structure of Primary Current Injection Tester.
  • It can test at 50 Hz and 60 Hz frequency.
  • Thanks to the variac and special transformer in the Primary Current Injection Tester, it can change current at very small sensitivities (for example, 1A at 10000 A).
  • The cabinet material is AISI304 stainless steel to prevent the cabinet from being affected by the magnetic field and getting hot.
  • It has a current protection relay and a thermal sensor system against over current and overheating that may occur in transformers.
Technical Specifications Primary Current Injection Tester
Ambient Temperature -5 0C … +50 0C
Average Relative Humidity ≤ %80
Altitude ≤ 1000 m


Name of the product Primary Current Injection Tester
Nominal Input voltage V 3x400 V Phase-Phase
Nominal Frequency Hz 50 – 60
Nominal Output Gerilimi V 3x(1x6) Phase-Neutral
Auxiliary Supply Voltage V 1x230 (Internal)
Product Code CIS-2K5-3P06V CIS-05K-3P06V CIS-7K5-3P06V CIS-10K-3P06V
Nominal Output Current A 2500 5000 7500 10000
Output Stages A 1x2500 2x2500 3x2500 4x2500
Operation Time - Continuous
Insulation Level kV/min 3 / 1
Cooling System - Forced with Fan
Protection Class IP20
Color RAL 7035