The main advantages of Asset RCR-1x Earth Leakage Relay are listed below:

  • Selectivity with wide current and time adjustment range
  • Test and Reset button

One of our product RCR-1x earth leakage relay that works with external current transformers and disconnects the voltage in earth fault situations. They observe earth leakage fault and detects fault levels high enough to threaten human health, and controls the contactors.

Earth leakage occurs because of the situations like as insufficient/improper infrastructures, equipment malfunctions, production faults etc. These leakages could be limited by RCR-1x in 25 mA – 25 A wide current range with time adjustment range in 0.02 sec – 5 sec. These features give different usage possibilities for the same products. In situations that have direct human contact, 25-30 mA levels should be used. If there is no direct human contact but there is a fire danger, current limit level should be 250-300 mA. RCR-1x Earth Leakage Relay limits are programmable to more levels than those two. There are high level earth leakage protection requirements in systems with high power motors, electrical distribution systems, mines and oil refineries. The other purpose of RCR-1x Earth Leakage Relay is the selectivity application like in medium voltage systems. To achieve selectivity, current limits and disconnection time set-points should be configured separately on each control relay. Only by this way the nearest point of fault area can be disconnected while main power supply continues to work when the earth leakage fault happen. There is malfunction check functionality with test button on relay for possible problems on the relay or toroidal current transformers. Also eset button on RCR-1x Earth Leakage Relay, ensures to restart when there is a fault occurs..

RCR-1x Earth Leakage Relay | Technical Features

The technical specifications and the adjustment ranges of RCR-1x Earth Leakage Relay are listed below:

RCR-1x Earth Leakage Relay | Technical Features

RCR-1x earth leakage relay adjustment ranges are :
  • Current Range : 25 mA – 25 A
  • Time Range : 0.02 sec – 5 sec

RCR-1x Earth Leakage Relay | Technical Specifications

RCR-1x Earth Leakage Relay technical specifications are: Technical Features:
  • Auxiliary supply range 1x110/230/415 Vac,  1x24/48 Vdc
  • External Toroidal current transformer input
  • 1x5 A (250 V) Relay output
  • Test and Reset Buttons
  • -10°C … +60°C wide working temperature range
  • 96x96 panel or rail montage

RCR-1x Earth Leakage Relay | Models and Options

Mounting Supply Current Rage Time Rage Relay Output Properties
RCR-1d Rail Mounting (3 module) 24/48 DC 110/230/415AC 25mA - 25A 0,02sn. - 5sn 1 x5A (250V) Test button Reset button
RCR-1p 96x96mm 24/48 DC 110/230/415AC 25mA - 25A 0,02sn. - 5sn 1 x5A (250V) Test button Reset button
Type Size Download Link
General Catalog PDF 1 MB Download
Earth Leakage Relays Catalog PDF 1 MB Download

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