SCK-2 Compact Transformer Substations are transformer and distribution substations manufactured from sandwich panels in requested dimensions. They are suitable for all types of MV switchgear and LV switchboards. Sandwich Panel Kiosks are manufactured in the requirement number of sections and doors according to the project requirements. They are mounted on ready floors with cable channel, platform or skid.
Sandwich panel thickness used in walls and roofs as standard is 40 mm in total and it is possible to use sandwich panels in different thicknesses according to the project requirements. Thermal insulation is provided with glass wool or PUR, PIR insulation materials.
SCK-2 Sandwich Panel Compact Transformer Substations are transformer and distribution substations specially produced for Oil & Gas applications according to Zone2 conditions. Sandwich Panel Metal Kiosks are used in power transmission, distribution, renewable power plants, oil & gas, industry, compact transformer substations. It is also possible to use it as mobile with its designs on a trailer, skid or wagon.
SCK-2 Sandwich Panel Kiosks are manufactured in accordance with the type tests taken from internationally accredited test laboratories and IEC 62271-202 standard. SCK-2 Sandwich Panel Compact transformers and distribution substations have TSE, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 quality certificates.

The main advantages of SCK-2 Compact Substations are described below:

  • Modular design in requested depth, width and length,
  • High operational safety,
  • Easy transport and commissioning,
  • Internal arc classification in accordance with IAC A and B,
  • Protection class options up to IP54,
  • Safe and tested earthing circuits,
  • Special solutions for special projects,
  • Strong frame by made of hot-dip galvanized steel against to corrosion and NPU or NPI base profiles,
  • Door design that can be opened 120 ° outside and against 20 J mechanical impact,
  • Rain channel door design against rain,
  • Natural ventilation or fan and air conditioner option according to the project,
  • Fire detection and extinguishing systems option,
  • Ex-proof equipment option against fire,
  • Solutions for mobile applications on trailers, skids and trailers,
  • Design suitable for use of all types of MV switchgears and LV panels,
  • Special designs suitable for different market demands.

The product Range and Technical specifications of SCK-2 Compact Substations are described below:

  • Altitude : 1000 m
  • Ambient temperature : -5 ... +50 °C
  • Earthquake Resistance : 0.5g horizontal and vertical
  • Inner wall thickness : 0,5 mm
  • Outer wall thickness : 0,6 mm
  • Thickness of rock wool or PUR, PIR: 38,9 mm
  • Frame thickness : 3 mm Hot-dip Galvanized sheet steel
  • Insulation material : EPS (Expanded Polystyren Foam)
  • Fire performance : TS EN 13501-1,
  • U values range : 0,57 – 0,11 W/m2K
  • Steel Class : St 37
  • Hazerdous Area : Zone2
  • Standart : IEC 62271-202

Rated Values:

  • Ur : Up to 40.5 kV
  • Ir : Up to 4000 A
  • Ik : Up to 40 kA
  • Fr : 50/60 Hz
  • IAC : A and B
  • IP : Up to IP54
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What is the usage area of SCK-2 sandwich panel kiosks?

SCK-2 series sandwich panel kiosks are produced in accordance with Zone 2 zone conditions, especially for use in Oil & Gas applications. They can be designed as transformer or distribution center in different sandwich panel thicknesses according to the project requirements. All kinds of MV switchgears, transformers, generator motors and all kinds of LV panels can be placed inside.

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