Today; Industry 4.0, which expresses information, communication, internet, automation, data collection, and distribution technologies, means new production possibilities and their integration. As Aktif Group, we designed G-TECH with the vision of Industry 4.0; It is a modular series of smart data controller used to record and control data from process automation to building and machine automation.

The G-TECH series which is designed to solve complex automation problems quickly and reliably stands out with its compact design. The CPU10 module, the main controller of the G-TECH series, is a 64-bit 1.5 GHz ARM Cortex A72 processor-based compact product. Besides the main controller, with more than 10 modules, it offers a wide range of uses such as organized industrial zones, industrial facilities, water, wastewater, and water tank monitoring systems, building automation systems, agriculture and livestock sector, and hospitals.
While the G-TECH series provides a high level of automation service, thanks to its modular structure it also provides advantages such as long-term maintenance-free operation and low failure probability. In addition, even if the technical requirements of the system change, it will adapt to the new situation without the need for changes with its modular design.

  • Modular plug and play structure,
  •  Suitable for different wired and wireless communication technologies,
    • Wired communication types;
      •  RS232/RS485
      • Ethernet
      • MBus
    • Wireless communication types;
      • NB-IoT/LTE/GPRS
      • LoRa
      • Wireless MBus
  • Wide communication protocols,
  • Customizable software,
  • Processing and controlling data such as pressure, level, light, temperature, humidity with digital/analog input and output, relay modules
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