Asset NCP12 Smart GPRS Modem

Asset NCP12 Smart GPRS Communication Unit is used to monitor and control electricity, water, gas meters, and other control equipment over GSM/GPRS network.

The modem supports commonly used protocols like IEC 62056-21, DLMS/Cosem, Modbus-RTU, M-Bus (with module), etc. This enables NCP12 to communicate and transfer the read values to Head-End systems with almost all meters in the market.

Asset NCP12 Smart GPRS Communication Unit can either work with Push method where communication device reads the meters on pre-defined times and transfers the data to AMR system or work with Pull method where AMR system requests the data. The user-defined readout schedules on the device enables it to read all connected meters and send the measurements to the central system periodically.


The built-in inputs of the Asset NCP12 Smart GPRS Communication Unit can be used as a pulse counter to communicate and count the consumptions of mechanical meters like water and gas. Likewise, inputs can be used to monitor panel cover openings, circuit breaker/valve position changes, and other alarm contacts.

In the Asset NCP12 Smart GPRS Communication Unit, five different simultaneous connections can be opened to the GPRS modem. Each connection may send and receive from different serial interfaces like RS485, RS232, and USB. The connection may even send to the same interface and the modem will queue and process them in timely fashion and respond to the connection that sent the data.

Whenever there is a problem with the GPRS network, the smart GPRS modem will detect it and reset itself to connect again. In addition, there is a watchdog mechanism in the Asset NCP12 Smart GPRS Communication Unit and also smart GPRS modem can be programmed to reset itself at a pre-defined time every day.

Asset NCP12 Smart GPRS Communication Unit Technical Features

  • Supercapacitors to notify energy cut off while de-energized for 15 minutes.
  • Additional communication and IO support with two expansion slots
  • 85 – 265 Vac, 120 – 370 Vdc auxiliary supply

Asset NCP12 GPRS Communication Unit - Smart GPRS Modem is a modular device and two different modules can be mounted. The types of the modules are:

  • Ethernet module for communication redundancy
  • M-bus module to communicate with other meters
  • IO modules to have more inputs and outputs.
  • Memory expansion
0 2 Digital Input / 2 Digtal Output
R 2 Digital Input / 1 Relay Output
0 Reusable battery
L Supercap
0 Expansion Module
M Wired M-Bus (for mechanical meter)
Z Zigbee
0 Standard memory
1 1Gb memory
2 2 GB memory
4 4 GB memory
4 2 and 4 wired Cascaded RS485
E 2 wired RS485 and Ethernet
Type Size Download Link
AMR & Billing Catalog PDF 1 MB Download
Network Communication Processor Leaflet PDF 1 MB Download