SMS-1 series Mobile Transformer Substations are MV/LV mobile distribution and transformer substations designed for small power generation and distribution. Mobile Substations are specially designed according to the project requirements as trailer, platform / skid, wagon or ship type.

SMS-1 Series Mobile Transformer Substations are specially designed and manufactured up to 4 MVA power , up to 40.5 kV primary voltage and up to 0.69 kV secondary voltage.

Basically, they consist of the following main equipment;

– Medium Voltage Switchgears

– Distribution Transformer

– Low Voltage Distribution Panel

SCK-1 series Steel Kiosk or SCK-2 series Sandwich Panel Kiosk

3 different solutions are available for primary MV switchgears;

  • SNC or SMC series Air Insulated Metal Clad Switchgears
  • SME series Air Insulated Metal Enclosed Switchgears
  • Gas Insulated Switchgears

Distribution Transformer: Distribution transformers can be used at the voltage level suitable for the project requirements and with a maximum power of 4 MVA. It is possible to use transformers with different connection types as oil type or dry type.

Secondary Low Voltage Distribution panels are designed and manufactured as standard or withdrawable type up to 6000 A according to customer and project requirements.

SCK-1 series Sheet Steel Kiosk or SCK-2 series Sandwich Panel Kiosk dimensions are specifically calculated for the project according to the layout design of in the all types of MV switchgears and LV Panels to be placed in the kiosk.

SMS-1 series Mobile Stations are manufactured in accordance IEC standards and also have ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 quality certificates and domestic goods certificate.

SMS-1 MV/LV Mobile Substations | Applications areas;

  • Maintenance and repair of existing fixed stations
  • Emergency power demands
  • Additional power requirements
  • Emergency power demands
  • Mining applications
  • Military camps
  • Industrial facilities

SMS-1 MV/LV Mobile Substations | Rated Values

  • Primary Voltage: up to 40.5 kV
  • Secondary Voltage: up to 0.69 kV
  • Primary Current: up to 4000 A
  • Secondary Current: up to 6000 A
  • Power: up to 4 MVA
  • Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Equipment and Accessories SMS-1
Power Transformer -
Distribution Transformer
Auxiliary Supply Transformer -
Generator o
Grounding Transformer o
Neutral Grounding Resistor o
Neutral Grounding Reactor o
High Voltage Switching Equipment -
Medium Voltage Switchgears
Low Voltage Switchboard
Voltage Transformers
Current Transformers
Capacitor Banks o
Auxiliary AC Supply Panel -
Auxiliary DC Supply Panel
Battery and Rectifier Set
Protection and Control Panel
Sheet Steel / Sandwich Panel Kiosk / Container
On Trailer
On Platform o
On Wagon o
Cable Terminations
Cable Drums o
Phase Sequence Controller o
Gantry o
SCADA and Communication Systems o
Air Conditioner o
Lighting Projectors
Fire Detection & Extinguisher System o
Safety Equipment
Isolated Carpet o
Operation Equipment
Maintenance Equipment
Spare Parts o
Type Size Download Link
General Catalog PDF 1 MB Download
Mobile Substation Catalog PDF 1 MB Download
SMS References PDF 1 MB Download

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