Aktif low voltage capacitor banks are designed, manufactured and adapted to the specific needs of each client. There are thousands of references around the world. It has modular and compact design optimized for easy future expansion of the system. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor installations. It is a packaged factory assembled reactive compensation system with modular switched capacitor steps, which will automatically compensate an individual load or the network to maintain a preset level of power factor.

Power Factor Correction is the subject of Power Quality. Power Quality have two aims that improvement of power quality and power factor correction.

Power Factor Correction is improvement of power factor to able closest value to 1. AC systems have reactive current, active current and apparent current. These currents cause to create active power, reactive power and apparent power. Apparent power is vector sum of active power and reactive power.

Active Power (P) , the power needed for useful work, expressed in Watt. IR (Active Currrent), in phase with the supply voltage, is directly related to the output and therefore to the part of electric energy converted into energy of different types: mechanical energy, light energy, thermal energy.

Reactive Power (Q) , which does not do any useful work, expressed in VAr. The reactive component IQ (Reactive Current), in quadrature to the voltage,is used to generate the flow necessary for the conversion of powers through the electric or magnetic field and it is index of the transfer of energy between supply and load. Without this, there could be no net transfer of power, for example, thanks to the magnetic coupling in the core of a transformer or in the air gap of a motor.

Apparent Power (S) , the vector sum of active and reactive power, expressed in VA. In an electrical installation, it is necessary to generate and transmit, in addition to the active power P, a certain reactive power Q, which is essential for the conversion of the electrical energy but is not available to the load because exchanged with the network.

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