Submetering can be defined as reading energy meters, creating invoices and generating reports from the created invoices and read data.

Nowadays, special invoicing applications are needed for organized industrial zones, shopping centers, business centers, residence and factories. “Actwin Billing” Energy Billing and Reporting software is developed to bill and generate report based on consumption, analysis and status info from such as electricity meters, gas meters (also correctors), and water meters by Aktif Mühendislik. The software has existed three modules that data collection module, invoice generation module, and reporting module.

Data Collection Module,

  • Supports IEC62056-21 (former IEC1107) and DLMS protocol (others can be implemented).
  • Supports several interfaces like RS485, Ethernet, Fiber – Optics, GSM/GPRS, PSTN and RF.
  • All collected date are stored in a database.
  • Automatically performs parallel readdout.


Invoice Generation Module,

  • Automatic saving of the invoices to the corresponding invoice term.
  • All customers may have limitless defination fields like customer number, customer address, tax information, and other definitions can be added by the software operator.
  • Identifying countless tariff types are possible.
  • The possibility of invoicing of network and generator consumptions separately.
  • Automatic summary report generation.
  • Fully customizable invoice design and calculation algorith.
  • Ability to print on desired paper size like A4, A5 and custom papers.
  • Sending monthly billing information to e-mail and mobile phone.
  • Ability to exchange data with accounting department and banks through XML or web services.


Reporting module,

  • Possibility to generate unlimited number of report types.
  • Filtering for invoice terms,
  • Filtering for customers,
  • Ability to export all generated reports to MS Excel.

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