About Aktif Mühendislik

Aktif Mühendislik was established in 1996 to trade on the field of Measurement, Protection and Quality of Electricity.

2200 m2 headquarter of Aktif Mühendislik is located in Istanbul consisting of 45 employees. Since we were established , Aktif Mühendislik provides high quality engineering services, supplying and start-up services for the power quality, energy efficiency, energy metering and maximum protection.

Aktif Mühendislik provides custom designed standard solutions for domestics and international customers, with over 20 years of experience.


The Companies We Represent

Vision & Mission Statement

Our Mission is To Bring The Most Competitive, Widest Possible Solutions and Applications

Energy is one of the basic requirements for worldwide economic development but the greenhouse gases effect depends on great extent on how energy is produced. as AKTIF Group, do endorse Global compact and sustainable development as one of the pillars of our business approach.

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