Operating Room Control Panels

Operating Room Control Panels

Asset OCP Series Operating Theatre Control Panels are contemporary and reliable devices, designed for maintaining the most comfortable environment possible both for patient and surgery team and the most suitable working conditions required in the surgery room.

All electrical controls can be done manually via Asset OCP Series Operating Room Control Panels’s screen. Another feature is performing all data exchange required for automation, and solely undertake all automation tasks even in non-central automated environments.

A panel manufactured according to the isolated power system alarm fully complies with the technical specifications of the Ministry of Health. Panels allow operation of the four different armature groups separately such as; turning on/ off and controlling the operation lamp, Negatoscope control, 4-channel music broadcast channel, Hands-Free phone, SIPPhone, medical gas alarm indicator, temperature, humidity, hepa filter pollution, differential room pressure indicator and hour-chronometer features as integrated in the panel.

Frequently Asked Questions for Operating Theatre Control Panels?

What is Operating Room Control Panels?

Operating room control panels, which are actively used in many countries of the world and contribute to the hospitals, are used to reach the patients of many hospitals quickly. Many technologically advanced hospitals need these panels to easily access their patients.

How to set up Operating Room Control Panels?

Control panels, which can be easily installed with small devices or chips placed in operating rooms, are activated by connecting to the main machine. Today, operating room control panels developed by Aktif Group can also be easily installed. With panels that have access to every operating room, you can easily follow the latest situation in the hospital.

How to size Operating Room Control Panels?

Operating theater control panels, which have a tablet size, are one of the most used devices in terms of health today. The control panels, which have achieved great success with the production of Aktif Group, also help their customers in taking up space.



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