Static Var Compensation (SVG)

SVG series IGBT switching compensation systems consist of high technology IGBT drivers and modules. It can perform both inductive reactive and capacitive reactive compensation in both directions.

Thanks to the HMI panel and power measurement/ control cards on the SVG series compensation systems, it processes the measurement data taken, drives the high frequency IGBT inverters, and performs the compensation process simultaneously without delay and with perfect sensitivity.

SVG series compensation systems are designed for facilities with fast load change, where the reactive limit is very important, and thanks to high speed and sensitive IGBT inverter switching, it injects bidirectional reactive power into the circuit in accordance with the load change, balanced or unbalanced, inductive or capacitive. It perfectly performs reactive power compensation in the direction


  • Immediate response to rapid and sudden load changes
  • Easy installation and operation thanks to its modular design
  • Easy power increase thanks to its modular structure
  • Thanks to its modular structure, easy material and equipment change, it allows backup
  • Switching and compensation without causing transients and harmonics
  • One-to-one independent intervention to the balanced or unbalanced load for 3 phases, 3 phase load balancing


Compensation Functions

  • Reactive compensation range: -1 & 1 (adjustable)
  • No high - low compensation and resonance risk
  • Three-phase unbalanced compensation
  • Harmonic compensation
  • Reactive & harmonic compensation with active filter

Advanced System Performance

  • 3 level topology structure
  • DSP+FPGA, high speed digital control
  • Automatic resonance suppression, automatic overload limitation
  • Protection: high voltage, over current, high temperature etc. as
  • Communication: Ethernet, RS485

Security and Durability

  • Advanced IGBT chip
  • Texas Instrument DSP chip offering high speed and reliable performance
  • Perfect protection

Flexible application

  • Modular design, small size, expandable, easy installation and maintenance, up to 16 modules in parallel
  • Multiple design: wall mounted/ cabinet shaped
  • Connection structure: three phase three wire/ three phase four wire
  • Up to 10 cabins in parallel

User Friendly

  • Standard 7 inch touch screen (HMI module)
  • Graphical interface, viewing various power quality parameters
  • Easy to use

Energy Saving

  • Low loss : auto stand/wake up
  • Low noise: variable speed intelligent cooling fan
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