Product of Coet

Coet DC Feeder Cubicles is designed for Industrial application with the switching capacity of 750 V/1500 V/3000 Vdc up to 10.000 A.

Coet DC Feeder Cubicles has 4 accessible compartments:

🎯 Low Voltage Compartment

🎯 High Speed Circuit Breakers compartment

🎯 Cable Compartment

🎯 Busbar Compartment

Cells operate in 3 positions (service, test, outside) in terms of ease of operation, service and maintenance, and there is a locking system against user errors.

Coet DC Supply Switchgears are protected and controlled by a multi-functional protection relay and a logic control device.

Coet DC Supply Switchgears can be used in the following systems in accordance with EN 50123, IEC77, ANSI C 37-14, ANSI C37-16 short-circuit breaking capacities:

  • Up to 10.000 A in 750 Vdc systems
  • Up to 10.000 A in 1200 Vdc systems
  • Up to 8,000 A in 1500 Vdc systems
  • Up to 3000 A in 3000 Vdc systems
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