Discharge resistors are used to discharge the capacitors and batteries. Discharging the capacitors and batteries may be compulsory for maintenance. Discharging may be for safety reasons or in order to do load testing at power laboratories and some special applications.

Discharge resistors are especially designed and manufactured according to their intended purpose.

Technical Specifications:

  • Stainless steel resistance material suitable for extreme ambient conditions, resistant to oxidation and corrosion, low resistance variation against temperature and low inductance
  • Special mechanical and electrical design to withstand high temperature and inrush current
  • Design and tests in accordance with relevant standards and other special specifications

Resistor Element:

  • Spring-wound, edge-wound or grid resistor elements with low inductance and a cross-section suitable for the nominal current
  • Fully-modular, bended and stainless steel bolt connections in order to ensure electrical continuity at high temperature
  • High conductivity for high current with bended and cascaded terminal connectors suitable for serial and/ or parallel connections with high cross-section, low contact resistance
  • High internal insulation and high mechanical resistance against to shocks and sagging thanks to the use of large surface satiated bushings and M16 shear connectors
  • Special designed to dissipate the thermal and mechanical effects of overcurrent to the surface grid resistors


  • Standard IP23 Protection Level suitable for outdoor usage and perfect cooling
  • Standard hot-dipped galvanized steel
  • Frame suitable for side by side (horizontal) or stacked (vertical) installation
  • Side or top entry or exit with bushings based on insulation level
  • Fully-modular, rigid, strong enclosure design with resistor blocks mounted to the frame for safety lifting from the upper or lower side
  • Easy access and maintenance to the resistor blocks on site thanks to blocks independently mounted to the frame
  • Corrosion-resistant handling rings and connectors
  • Stainless steel product and warning labels


  • Requested protection level from IP00 to IP55
  • Requested inductance limits
  • Stainless steel, aluminum enclosure
  • Painting enclosure in desired color code
  • Side or top entry or exit with bushings
  • Modular elevation legs suitable for extreme environmental conditions
  • Special design for high altitude