Isolated power panels are used in group 2 rooms in medical locations, and they consist of auxiliary devices and test combinations such as isolated transformer, insulation monitoring device and insulation fault location devices.

In the IT system different from TN and TT systems, when an insulation failure occurs, IT systems ensures that there is no electrical problem by preventing the circuit breakers from tripping and interrupting the system. The medical equipment continues to function, the fault currents are reduced to non-critical values, and the energy interruption is prevented.

Insulation level is continuously monitored by the isolated power panels and if a value less than 50 kΩ is detected alarm is created and logged. Aforementioned alarm can also be displayed through the control panel in the operating rooms and local and remote alarm panels.

Isolated power panels, which have a fault location detection system, have the feature of detecting in which line the insulation fault occurred. Thanks to this feature, the time to detect the location of the insulation fault is reduced.

The following medical locations that carrying vital importance in hospitals and where medical devices are directly connected to patients are defined as group 2 room in accordance with IEC 60364-7-710 standard and isolated power systems are used in these rooms.

Application Areas

  • Operating rooms
  • Intensive care rooms
  • Anesthetic rooms
  • Premature baby rooms
  • Operating preparation rooms
  • Operating preparation rooms
  • Heart catheterization rooms
  • Angiographic examination rooms


  • IEC 60364-7-710


  • (WxDxH) 405 x 405 x 1700 mm


  • Compact size
  • Option up to 24 outgoing


Standards IEC 60364-7-710 IEC 60364-7-710 IEC 60364-7-710
Rated Power 3.15/4/5/6.3/8/10 kVA 3.15/4/5/6.3/8/10 kVA 3.15/4/5/6.3/8/10 kVA
Power Supply Main Supply Main Supply
Safety Supply
Main Supply
Safety Supply
Rated Voltage Line 1 230 Vac 230 Vac 230 Vac
Rated Voltage Line 2 - 230 Vac 230 Vac
Rated Frequency 50/60 Hz 50/60 Hz 50/60 Hz
Rated Insulation Level 3 kV / 1 min 3 kV / 1 min 3 kV / 1 min
Alarm Output Insulation Fault
Over Load
Over Temperature
Insulation Fault
Over Load
Over Temperature
Switchover Failure
Insulation Fault
Over Load
Over Temperature
Switchover Failure
Insulation Fault Location
Functional Test Insulation Fault Insulation Fault
Switchover Test
Insulation Fault
Switchover Test
Leakage Current to Enclosure <0.5mA <0.5mA <0.5mA
Response Range 50…750 kΩ 50…750 kΩ 50…750 kΩ
Insulation Fault Detection Time <1s <1s <1s
Switchover Time - <200 ms <200 ms
Operating Temperature -5… +50 C° -5… +50 C° -5… +50 C°
Storage Temperature -25… +60 C° -25… +60 C° -25… +60 C°
Panel Dimensions 405x405x1700mm 405x405x1700mm 405x405x1700mm
Cooling System Fan Fan Fan
Protection Class IP41 IP41 IP41
Insulation Monitoring
Changeover Module -
Insulation Fault Location - -
Distribution Outlet 6…24 6…24 6…24
Door Color RAL 9003 RAL 9003 RAL 9003
Side Cover Color RAL 7015 RAL 7015 RAL 7015
Type Size Download Link
Medical Isolated Power Panels PDF 1 MB Download