Aktif Group is aware that hereafter may get their targets together by qualified human resources (HR).

We seek to develop human resources systems and processes that will maximize our employees’ efficiency and productivity. There is no capital which is more significant than human resources that are well-trained, qualified, dynamic, self-confident, honest, having ethical values, public to develop and improve, prefers group works rather than single work, at peace with itself and its surroundings, stated that thinks and thought, creative is not a subject for Aktif Group.

Aktif Group is aware that it comes at this point together with human resources and it knows that it will also achieve its target together with these qualified human resources well. For Aktif Group, it is indispensable to grow up and develop together and investing to human education is equivalent to future investment.

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Aktif Elektroteknik A.Ş. signed Labor Agreement with Turkish Metal Union which is valid between 1.1.2018 and 31.12.2019.

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