The main advantages of Thymod Static Electronic Switch are listed below:

  • Rapidly switching
  • Switching on point zero
  • Unlimited switching life period
Thymod Static Electronic Switch is the electronic switching unit that allows switching the capacitor banks without any discharge delay in the plants and also switching the capacitor banks according to load variation cannot be possible. Thymod Static Electronic Switch is developed according to the related IEC standards to balance the reactive power and to solve the energy quality problems in complex industrial plants where used devices that are sensitive to voltage changes such as PLCs, industrial computers, industrial robots, welding machines.

Thymod Static Electronic Switch | Technical Features

The Technical Specifications of Thymod Static Electronic Switch are as described below:
  • Very fast reactive power compensation
  • Switching on point-zero technology
  • Switching without transient
  • Operating without any noise
  • Modular and compact design
  • Easy mounting
  • Long life period
  • Each capacitor levels are up to 100 kVAr
  • Connection to busbar directly up to 480 V

Thymod Static Electronic Switch | Applications

Main supply networks with high load fluctuations for dynamic power factor correction systems, Rolling mills, Textile machines, Presses, Welding machines, Elevators, Cranes, Wind turbines.
Product Portfolio / Ürün Bandı
Model Connection Type Maximum step power at 400V nominal busbar voltage
Thymod-25400-3P2 2 phase 25 kVAr
Thymod-50400-3P2 2 phase 50 kVAr
Thymod-100400-3P2 2 phase 100 kVAr
Thymod-25400-3P3 3 phase 25 kVAr
Thymod-50400-3P3 3 phase 50 kVAr
Thymod-100400-3P6 3 phase 100 kVAr
Rated Voltage 400V – 480V AC
Frequency 50 - 60 Hz
Nominal Current up to 160 A
Feeder Voltage 230 V AC
Max Capacitor Power up to 100 kVA
Switching Signal Voltage 5V
Response Time <40 miliseconds
Operation Temperature -10 °C ... + 55 °C
Semi Conductor Type Thyristor – Thyristor Module
Cooling Aluminum case with two ventilator
Protection Thermal protection (Power level cut out automatically on 80°C)
Dimensions 125 x 225 x 240 mm
Weight 6100 g
Mounting Vertical mounting to plate
Protection Class IP20
Standards EN 60429-1 , IEC 60439-1,2
Type Size Download Link
General Catalog PDF 1 MB Download
Power Quality Catalog PDF 1 MB Download
Thymod Brochure PDF 1 MB Download

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