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Aktif manufactured special designed compact Electricity substations for Oil & Gas Applications.

Aktif designed and manufactured 6 pieces of 6.6/0.4kV compact electricity substation for PETRONAS one of the world leading Oil & Gas companies. The project which had taken for 8 months was delivered in August of 2012 and additional substations were ordered in October, thanks to complete customer satisfaction.

Compact Electricity Substation Design | Technical Specifications

6.6kV, 630A, 25kA RMU, 6.6/0.4kV oil immersed transformers, 12kVA UPS (%100redundant) and batteries, withdrawable LV panels, HVAC systems, fire-gas-smoke detection system, fire extinguishing systems, internal-external lighting system, auxiliary supply system and earthing system were  chosen carefully and installed in new generation, SCK2 prefabricated kiosks manufactured by Aktif.

Electricity Substations are certified for installation in Zone 2 Hazardous Area, have R13 insulation to be able to work in 55 °C ambient temperature and IP 54 protection class. At the same time, all equipment of Electricity Substation was chosen in accordance with ATEX standards.

Two type of electricity substation, 150kVA and 500kVA were manufactured as follows;

  • SCK2-500 kVA: 16680 x 3200 x 3400 mm, 22250 kg
  • SCK2-150 kVA: 13530 x 3200 x 3400 mm, 19950 kg

%100 redundant UPS systems which are used as a supplier to feed critical points at the moment of power interruption, ex-proof battery breakers and 420Ah Ni-Cd batteries were designed to provide 8 hours autonomy.

Internal and external lightning equipment were chosen as ex-proof and battery powered. Additionally, the electricity substation was equipped with emergency lightning units. In order to provide energy for aux. equipment, ex-proof plugs were installed in each substation.

In spite of +55 C ambient temperature; air conditioning, device safety and comfort for human is provided by %100 redundant HVAC system and air insulation in each electricity substation.

In order to provide firefighting, all rooms were equipped with fire and gas detectors. And electricity substations were secured by using fire panel and CO2 fire extinguisher.

Each electricity substation was equipped with control and communication units in order to detection and extinguishing of fire quickly in the event of fire.  Battery rooms were equipped with %100 redundant ex-proof fans in order to eliminate of the harmful effects of toxic gas emissions resulting from the battery room. And eye wash unit was installed in battery room.

Construction of electricity substation was designed with 3D drawing program and settlement, construction and carrying capacity were simulated. Cable and air ducts were built under the substation and access to ducts was provided with 50kV isolated rubber tiles. Earthing system of electricity substation was designed as separately two line; clean line and dirty line.

Aktif continues to develop special turnkey solutions for Oil & Gas Market thanks to wide experience, technical background, sense of high quality, manufacturing in compliance with standards and needs of en user.


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