Bunardzik Sub-Station and Strumica Sub-Station


Electrical Engineering,


Macedonia Electrical Utility


Iring Dooel Mirjana were the contractor in the Bunardzik Sub-Station and Strumica Sub-Station, Aktif brand DOUBLE BUS-BAR METAL CLAD SWITCHGEAR were preferred.

Double Bus-Bar type of Aktif Made SNC Metal Clad Switchgears have been precisely and meticulusly designed along with its tests conducted and have been delivered succesfully for EVN Macedonia Electrical Utility. In addition to conforming to standards; design, engineering and manufacturing have been done aiming maximum security and user satisfaction by high skilled experienced R&D and manufacturing engineers and techinicians of Aktif at Aktif Elektroteknik factory in Ankara.

In Bunardzık Sub-Station there are 5 pieces of 24 kV, 1250 A, 25 kA/3sec and in Strumica Sub-Station there are 8 pieces of 24 kV, 1250 A, 25 kA/3s Double Bus-Bar type SNC Metal Clad Switchgears.


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