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The Ankara AKM-Gar-Kızılay metro works, which will provide direct transportation between Kızılay and Keçiören, are planned to be completed in 2021. When the new line is put into service, citizens will not have to get on and off at the AKM station.

According to the information in the “Ongoing Mega Projects” section of the Mega Projects bulletin published on the official website of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure; It will ensure uninterrupted transportation of passengers using the Keçiören-AKM metro, which is currently in operation, to the Red Crescent. AKM-Gar-Kızılay metro works are planned to be completed in 2021. For the 3.3-kilometer-long line, which is projected as the second stage of the Keçiören Metro and will connect the subway to the Red Crescent via TCDD YHT Station, said, “Construction works are continuing. Thanks to the project, passengers using the current Keçiören-AKM Metro line (M4) will be able to access the Red Crescent without interruption.

Coet brand Traction Rectifiers and DC Cubicles will be supplied by Aktif Group in the Rail System project. The project, contracted by Duygu – Kolin Construction partnership, has 3 Substations in total.

Information on DC Cubicles to be used within the scope of the project;

  • 6 pieces 2500 kW Traction Rectifier
  • 12 pieces DC HSCB Feeder Cubicle
  • 6 pieces Rectifier Output Cubicle with HSCB
  • 3 pieces DC Negative Return Cubicle
  • 3 pieces VLD – Voltage Limiting Device

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