Portable Load banks are used in many industrial areas and applications.  Depending on the usage area, the Load Banks can be manufactured as below types.

  • These series can be manufactured for IP20 protection levels for indoor use, IP20 for outdoor use under shelter, or IP23 for outdoor use in the open area.
  • Load banks are manufactured portable up to 100 kW and and case-type for some ratings. These products up to 500 kW are manufactured with wheels.

Major areas of use of load banks are listed below.

  • Testing whether the products such as power transformer, generator, alternator, UPS, regulator provide the design values and reporting the electrical values read or recorded during the test. Testing the generators, UPS or regulators after maintenance or repair.
  • No-load operation of generators is not requested. In this case, automatically providing dummy load when the load supplied by a generator falls below a certain level (ideally 30%)
  • Automatic damping of the regenerative power which is created when facilities where high-power motors are driven by regenerative drives are supplied by generators.
  • Load dispatch test at power plants.
  • Testing of alternators used by military or civil air, road or marine vehicles.
  • Controlled discharge and capacity testing of batteries.
  • Electrical and heat simulation and performance tests of data centers.
  • Invertor performance tests.

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